Beyond Platinum specializes in turning concept into reality with regards to wireless technology.
Our vision at Beyond Platinum is the creation of high quality wireless products that can assist in making everyday life that much simpler and allot more comfortable.

Our first step in giving life to that vision was to release our patented Beyond Platinum Remote Control Extender that enables you to covert almost any infrared remote control into a fully functioning RF remote control.

Currently the term "Home Automation" is associated with expensive technology, affordable only to the selected few but at Beyond Platinum we plan to change all that and give others the opportunity to experience the true comfort of wireless technology.

We are currently in the developmental stages of bringing you a whole range of wireless products that can make your home and office look smarter, work smarter and help to make you feel a little safer and allot more comfortable.

Please keep checking back for more information on our future product development or send us an e-mail so that we may update you on product releases.